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I can't belive you just wrote that...

Stupid Commissioners
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This is a community for artists.
This is a community for artists to complain.
This is a haven from the stupidity of commissioners.

Did you post a specific description for what your commission was?
Did your commissioner not read it at all?

Did someone just email you asking you to do a request?
Was that request a fully bound and colored 43 page comic.

Did someone commission you for a lj icon?
Was that lj icon a panoramic view of their 42 characters?

Then this is the community for you.

Feel free to post any annoying emails, IM's, or horror stories that you might have dealing with commissioners, or art-tards in general.

Remember, keep things anonymous. Serious issues dealing with specific people should be directed to the community "Artist_beware."

This is an open community.