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Might as well start

I posted an auction on furbid.
It went like this.
The winner would get:
5 sketches
3 of those inked.
1 of the inked ones colored.

Pretty simple right?
This is what I sent:
> Hey,
> Got the paymet. :) Let me know what you'd like you
> sketches to be.
> Ravyn

Well, after paying me, this is the email I got:

For the color one I would like my fursona Jetfyr. He
is a nox(nightmare/fox hybrid) with all of the fox
look except for black fur, a flaming mane, flaming
paws, a flaming tail tip and flaming hooves. He has
extra large balls and a large horses penis. I would
like him wearing a spiked collar and a spiked cock
ring. Massive amounts of spooge spraying would be nice
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