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Haahaa, I had this guy IM me out of the blue, rant about his life, and then ask for a commission after complaining about a bunch of other artists. Here's the IM log. Few things are changed.

Lyenuv - Me
Lol - Him

Lol: hiya!
Lol: happy belated turkey day and shopping hell month :3 You dunno me but I just stumbled across yer archive
Lyenuv: hi there :D Same to you too ^^
Lol: hehe
Lol: I haven't been having a good day with artists >.>
Lyenuv: How so? D:
Lol: one 'broke up with me' because I wasn't talking to him enough
cyberwuffy: but he wasn't on much either. usually I burn bridges by asking about art owed to me toooo much x.x now it's too little, but in this case I wasn't asking about art at all. he did stuff for me months ago and that was it but I tried to keep things going -.- s'not my fault there are lapses in the conversation >.> it happens to EVERYONE x.x
Lol: but otherwise, I'm just owed lots of art, free and paid, that's been delayed for months. >.> There was a little progress spurt like last week
Lyenuv: Ouch :x That sucks
Lol: but the free stuff, s'not like I'm out anytihng if its' not done
Lol: bleh
Lol: and another artist who I wont' name fell off the net and came back to life but now she isn't too keen on talkin with me. dunno if she's just too embarrased about commissions taking so long
Lol: and my main color/background specialist who I have a paid queue with (heavily discounted) is backlogged with shit from other people, but for the price cut I'm getting, I'm not complaining
Lol: seeing as how I advertised for her and convinced her to get on FA... heh a double whammy
Lol: helps her get known and backlogs me ;P
Lol: but she's needing to be well known >.> she's good
Lol: (artists name)>.> hehe. might as well tell ya and let fate take over by deciding if you two get in an art trade :P
Lol: but anyway, yeah. I'm not too optimistic about commissions x.x
Lol: and I love yer art
Lyenuv: thanks :3
Lol: that giraffe pic..
Lyenuv: Giraffe's are amazing
Lol: I was doing that to myself in my dream last night o.o
Lol: yes, they are.
Lol: and the position is eerie seeing as how that was being done in my dream. >.>
Lol: must be a sign ;-)
Lol: >.>
Lol: ...::awkward::
Lyenuv: heh
Lol: I'm betting that was too much info x.x
Lol: heh. I have a really problem with tact... not having any :P
Lyenuv: haahaa XD
Lol: my stuff is at (Link to FA)
Lol: I didn't draw any of it. s'for my stories. yah. I'mma writer
Lol: (link to personal website) :3
Lyenuv: nifty :3
Lol: ::Wagwag:: so, erm. mrr. lovely art. I'm pondering rolling the dice and commissioning you
Lyenuv: Just a warning, I can be slow with art ;-)
Lol: x.x
Lol: not as slow as the other artists
Lol: what's yer definition of slow? :P
Lol: one of the artists I mentioned is 8ish months behind
Lyenuv: Really depends. If I'm having a shit day I wont be able to draw x-x
Lol: /me petpets
Lol: I'm going through writers block
Lol: yeah
Lol: my starfox and freya stuff alogn with the other stuff is straight up porn
Lol: hehe
Lol: /me reads yer mood
Lol: yer lonely? :3
Lyenuv: Not in particular, I live with my boyfriend Kyoujin ;-)
Lol: ah kewl hehe
Lol: does he go to furnet? o.o
Lyenuv: furnet?
Lyenuv: Neither of us have heard it
Lol: k never mind
Lyenuv: We're both on FA, LJ and the like
Lol: furry irc network
Lol: /me wagwags
Lyenuv: Haahaa, we dont "yiff"
Lol: s'not a place for screwing :P
Lol: hasn't been for years
Lyenuv: Haahaa x3
Lol: yer art reminds me of two people
Lol: both furry art chicks
Lyenuv: Who?
Lol: huskie and kilcodo
Lyenuv: Mayra Boyle Huskie?
Lol: mmhmm
Lyenuv: She's an pretty good artist
Lol: yish and local to me
Lol: but she's always wif her boytoy
Lol: bleh. I wouldn't have had a shot at her
Lol: >.> but that's another topic
Lyenuv: heh
Lol: she's an awesome artist :3
Lyenuv: indeed
Lol: mmhmm
Lol: hmm
Lol: usually when i commission I ask for a sketch so the snowmeow I know (snowrose) can color it wif her digital magic
Lyenuv: *nodnod* S'long as the credits are given, I have no problem with that :3
Lol: yish yish
Lol: although I haven't received anything from her in two months. heh well worth the wait
Lol: mind if I press my luck? :3 *(Gigantic PDF file) <--- image blueprint of a story scene I plan on getting done. made a whole bunch to save the poor artist any miscommunication
Lol: not like I've had shit pooring into me >.> but s'all good ^.^
Lyenuv: *loading* I'm on dial up, so this might take awhile XD
Lol: I doubt that'd be a $10 sketchy, would it? :P
Lol: you poor thing
Lol: i'm on comcrap
Lol: and SWITCHING to verizon's fiberoptic
Lol: comcast is the most INCOMPETENT company with the most IDIOTIC technicians... >.<
Lyenuv: my ex works for Comcast, rofl
Lyenuv: IDIOTIC indeed >D
Lol: in a nutshell, they left a problem unfixed continually for 2 years. so verizon started it by cutting my MARKED cable line when they were putting in a stupid fiber box
Lol: but I was on dialfuck for years
Lol: and comcrap is blocking my amule p2p ports
Lol: I ain't getting as muhc porn downloading as I used to >.>
Lol: dialfuck had more sources. ::tangent:: but erm, how realistic would that pic be pricewise?
Lol: /me is also unemployed :3
Lyenuv: how many characters would it be?
Lol: 3
Lyenuv: Base price for sketches is $10 for up to two characters, addtl. characters are $2
Lol: ... $.$
Lol: /me is in love already
Lol: hehe
Lyenuv: Both Kyou and I are unemployed right now too, commissions are keeping us going, lol XD
Lol: hehe
Lol: I must warn you I'm kind anal with little details as they're story illustrations hehe. yeah. you'll prolly see that from the large amount of text in that pdf :P
Lol: /me is a perfectionist x.x
Lol: which can be a bad thing :P
Lyenuv: lemme send you over my commission policy ;-)
Lol: hehe
Lol: just so ya know, I kinda shy away from paying in full before anything's done
Lol: too many bad experiences $.$
Lyenuv: and another thing, I dont work backgrounds well
Lyenuv wants to send file (sent file)
Lol: the snowmeow can background as well
Lol: two extra references to said scene:
Lol: /me gets to the rtf
Lol: terms are acceptable
Lyenuv: I'm really sorry, but I think I'm gonna have to decline this commission ^^; There's a whole lot more detail in it than I was thinking, and I think I'd be shafting myself on the price we had agreed on. ^^; I'm also really bad at working under pressure and getting small details perfect. I'm really sorry ):
Lol: :P s'kewl
Lyenuv: thanks :3
Lol: I have less complex things
Lol: but the detail I'm anal about is mainly color :P
Lol: so you'd have nothing to worry about hehe
Lyenuv: heehee
Lol: can I lay some more pdfs on ya?
Lyenuv: sure
Lol: yay
Lol: heh giraffe
Lol: here's something with a similar theme
Lol: at least keeping it in the savannah
Lol: (gigantic PDF file that took forever to load)
Lol: to my defense of writing porn, I AM turning one of the series, an original one, into a furry novel
Lol: something more respectable but still spicccccy
Lyenuv: I'd like to write and illustrate childrens books :3
Lol: hehe
Lol: hide yer porn ::snicker::
Lyenuv: lul, yeah
Lol: /me petpets
Lol: been to any cons? :3
Lyenuv: we just got back from MFF
Lyenuv: Kyou and I met at MFF last year
Lyenuv: I was at AC last year
Lyenuv: and about 6-7 anime or sci fi cons before I found the fandom
Lol: w00t
Lol: >.<
Lol: /me was at AC too
Lol: I'm near DC
Lyenuv: we're in Bumfuck, Indiana >D
Lol: and unemployed $.$
Lol: kinda hard to get to the further out cons
Lol: and school gets in the way
Lol: wait
Lol: ...
Lol: that's not the real name issit? :P
Lyenuv: haahaa, no XD
Lol: bumfuck egypt
Lol: from ron white
Lol: s'why it was familiar
Lol: /me petpets
Lyenuv: this next one doesn't seem much less detailed x-x
Lol: x.x
Lol: heh. i'm prolly cursed
Lol: /me ponders third time being the charm
Lol: (Gigantic PDF file that took twenty minutes to load) <-- all you really need is the fennec chick pawcuffed to the bed's headposts with fox munching between her legs. hehe. the room's background details aren't too important as they've never been drawn before
Lol: and your'e not doing a background either hehe
Lyenuv: *loading*
Lol: /me ponders on this one for a minute
Lol: for the record (as if it mattered) you familiar wif starfox? :3
Lyenuv: nope XD I dont think I've ever played any of the games
Lol: ah
Lol: hehe
Lol: things to remember, the fennec chick has horizontal ears like in the ref pics hehe
Lol: hehe
Lol: mrowr
Lol: hehe

The PDF files even had crudely done maps of exactly where he wanted the characters to go, As well as graphic paragraph descriptions of what they were to be doing :x

A friend of mine was commissioned by him at AC last year, and he literally handed her a PACKET of what he wanted done.
I declined all three requests and told him I was closed for commissions the next time he asked.
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